Can Gary really ride a unicycle as the Yellow Pages would suggest?

Yes he can.  Click here to see the advertisment.  If he’s a touch late, you will understand why. (smiles)

Do you sell to the public?

Yes.  We’re the little people.  We rely on the public.

Do you cut glass, mirror, or perspex to size?


Do you go on site to measure?

Yes. But for the most part we quote over the phone and only come on site once we KNOW you’re prepared to spend the kind of money we just quoted.  Got to work smarter, not harder! (smiles)

Are your quotes FREE?


Do you repair broken glass on site?

Yes.  That’s our bread and butter.

Do you direct bill to my insurance company?

We used to, but insurance companies don’t seem to operate that way anymore.  Rather, we issue you with a paid invoice that you then submit to your insurer, and the insurance company reimburses you direct.

Are you open on Saturdays?

Never!  We believe in a weekEND!

Do you do afterhours emergency repairs?

Yes.  But the phones only divert to Gary on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  So plan your emergency work then!  Gary isn’t getting any younger so we need to look after him and let him get some rest on the weekends.

Do you do glass splashbacks?

Yes.  Gary LOVES doing splashbacks and will happily take on tricky ones that others may balk at.

What is the splashback colour range?

Any shade from a colour chart can be chosen.  For ideas, click here for the Dulux colour gallery.

Do you repair side mirrors on vehicles?

Yes!  Ask for Sandra.  It’s one of her favourite pastimes.

If I bring my own glass or mirror in, will you cut it to size for me?

Yes.  All care taken.  No responsibility.

Do you supply and install shower screens?

Yes.  We love making your bathroom sparkle again.  A new shower screen can really give it a lift!

Does my tiling have to be complete before you measure for a shower screen?

If you want the screen to fit, then YES!

Do you do security screens and doors?


Is Prowler Proof ForceField as good as CrimSafe?


Is Sandra Gary’s wife?

No, she’s his little sister.

Do you repair leadlights?

Yes.  But you’ll just need to be really patient to go through us.  The emergency work takes priority so sometimes it can be like watching grass grow to go through us.  To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Do you post glass out?

Yes. But we ask that you contact PACK & SEND Sumner direct. We cut the glass and they will pick up and package it up to send to you – anywhere in the world.

Do you resilver mirrors?

Technically no, but yes, we can still give your antique mirror a new life by stripping it back to a clear piece of glass, and then selling you a thinner mirrored glass to insert behind it. (The chemicals used for resilvering have been banned in Queensland.)

Do you do split system air conditioner installs?

No, only room air conditioners.

Do you replace car windscreens?

Yes and no.  For the most part, no.  But if they’re perfectly flat, i.e. older 4WDs and older vintage cars with flat windscreens then we can take them on.

Can you recommend a windscreen repairer?

Sure.  Click on The Fixer to be taken to their website.  They’re just up the road from us.

Can I pay later?

Sorry, but the answer is no.  Been there.  Tried that.  We reckon Coles and Woolies are onto something by requiring payment up front, so we’ve adopted that policy.

What do you mean you’re now closed on Fridays???

Yay for self care!  Truth be told, Gary hasn’t really had a Friday off yet, but at least he can get a bunch of jobs done uninterrupted.  And Sandra is mostly at home that day keeping a watch on her ageing father to give her mother some respite.  Thank you for understanding that a 4-day work week just works best for us right now.