The year is 1983. While Kiwi is in preparation for a win in the Melbourne Cup, Bob Hawke is preparing to oust local member Bill Hayden … and head to Kirribilli.

With much fanfare Ford introduces the XE Falcon. Dick Johnson demonstrates the utility of this new model with a spectacular crash on Mt Panorama and escapes unscathed. A day later in a memorable Bathurst 1000, Brock and Perkins start the race in Commodore 05, break down and win the race in car number 25.  It’s just not cricket.

Meanwhile, closer to home – and ignored by the world’s media – Gregory Antonieff, an iconic Australian all-rounder, establishes a small glazing business in a shed in West Ipswich with a set of ideals that underpin the operation, and carry through to this day.

Five years later Expo 88 has taken over Southbank, and Greg is joined by an energetic youngster who is keen to learn the ropes from ‘the old master’.  Gary Entermann, who had only recently completed his apprenticeship as a carpenter, finds himself in his element with a wide variety of jobs and working closely with Greg’s clients.

In 1993 the greatest ever basketball legend, Michael Jordan, announces to the world his retirement, citing ‘loss of interest in the game.’  About the same time, but with considerably less fanfare, Greg Antonieff retires his glazing tools to ‘mess around with boats’, leaving Gary at the helm.

Over the past 30 years Gary (who also answers to ‘Greg’) and his wife Leanne have created a business entity that is known for its reliability, and trusted as the first choice for the glazing needs of many residents of Ipswich and its surrounding suburbs.